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The benefits of using  our payroll:

  1. Password Protected PDF Payslips - Flex automatically generates password protected E-Payslips in PDF format and sends them by email to each employee

  2. NAPSA & ZRA Statutory Reports - Easily prepare and export your payroll statutory reports in CSV format to upload to the NAPSA and ZRA portals

  3. Cross Platform & Cross Device - Use Flex on Windows, Mac, Linux or even portable devices. You’re not tied to any one vendor or platform.

  4. Customizable Reports - Create your own reports for later printout or export as CSV using Report Builder

  5. Accessible Anywhere - A fully functioning payroll system accessible from any platform. Use Flex from an Apple Mac, a Linux machine, even a tablet or smartphone.

  6. Up to 5,000 Employees - Process up to 5,000 employee records with Zambia’s online payroll as all the hard work is handled by powerful central servers.

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Payroll Specification and Service Plans

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Payroll Service Plans

We Priced our payroll solution to suit the business needs and size of your organization. Our exact pricing is determined by the number of active employees on your current payroll. price ranges from ZMW 3,500.00 upwards depending on the head count of your current payroll. For more details call: 0971988793

Simple Yet Powerful

Our payroll allows you to upload and export employee details and incomes using excel sheets and templates for speedy processing and preparation of your monthly payroll. Easily produce NAPSA, PAYE, NHIS reports, and schedules for remitting to ZRA. for more details call: 0971988793

Feature Rich and Fluid user interface

Flex payroll has a simple intuitive user interface that allows for rapid navigation and easy customization of the layout of menu items to suit the needs of the users. It is also a very secure system requiring users to provide passwords and passcodes to access, view, and edit system settings and parameters. For more details call: 0971988793